How can coparents come to a financial agreement?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Family Law

Before the divorce, discussing finances with your partner may have been a point of contention. Following the divorce, most exes struggle to continue to talk about finances. After all, serious conversations with your ex can be emotional and frustrating. However, if you plan to co-parent, you must hold regular discussions with your ex.

Learning how to stay on the same page financially can help you work together for the best interests of your children.

Practice professional communication

Communication is essential to any co-parenting relationship. Focus the entirety of your conversation on your children. Give you and your example time and opportunity to speak for yourselves. If you have difficulty talking in person, consider talking through text or e-mail. When you communicate electronically, you have fewer opportunities to argue. Think about what you want to say before you say it. If you find yourself frustrated, you can take a step back from the communication and answer with a level head.

Reference your divorce decree

The most important document you have as a co-parent is your divorce decree. Your divorce decree and parenting plan should be detailed enough that you can refer to them during moments of uncertainty. Determine how you will split your finances during the divorce proceedings. The parenting plan should include child support and visitation, as well as what to do with surprise expenses. For instance, who pays for medical bills or extracurricular activities? Decide how to split the costs in advance so you may have fewer opportunities to argue.

You can also work with a third party to help mediate financial discussions.