Charged With A Sex Crime? Take Back The Reins Of Your Life.

Any criminal charges can be damaging even before you appear before a prosecutor, judge or jury. However, some crimes carry much greater stigmas than others. Sexual assault, exploitation of children or internet-based crimes of a sexual nature are all widely condemned in our society. After being accused or charged with a sex crime, your need for legal counsel is urgent.

At Harbinson Parker, we fight hard to protect our clients from the presumption of guilt in sexual assault cases. Joel Harbinson, a much-acclaimed trial lawyer selected to the North Carolina “Super Lawyers” list works with former prosecutor Clay Pittman to aggressively and passionately fight to protect your rights.

We investigate the facts in detail and get ready to present compelling arguments in our clients’ defense before any court. We can often persuade law enforcement agents and/or prosecutors not to charge our clients at all when we come on board early in sexual assault cases.

Fight Sexual Assault Charges As If Your Life Depends On It

A mere accusation of rape, prostitution or any sex offense can hurt your reputation. The longer the case drags on, the greater harm it may cause in your professional and personal life. You need a defense lawyer who will hit the ground running if you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime.

If you are convicted, you may spend time in prison and have your name added to a sex offender registry. The likelihood of such consequences is a strong reason to get an aggressive defense lawyer on your case as soon as possible.

Our attorneys have a combined six decades of experience defending clients in tough criminal cases. Attorney Joel C. Harbinson was selected to the 2021 Super Lawyers list in North Carolina. The proven effectiveness of Harbinson Parker, is a force to be reckoned with, and the criminal justice system in our area responds accordingly when our firm supports a defendant.

Get Legal Advice As Soon As Possible

Have you been named in rumors? Do you have reason to believe you may be accused of date rape? No matter how minor you believe the chances of an arrest are, we urge you to consult with one of our attorneys right away.

There is no shame or judgment for clients or potential clients in our criminal defense law offices. We welcome inquirers from communities throughout Alexander County or from elsewhere when alleged offenses may have taken place in this geographical area. Reach us at our Taylorsville at 828-600-7462 or our office in Statesville at 704-707-3066 or complete our online form to get help now.