Plan Today To Protect Your Loved Ones Tomorrow

Estate planning is something many people avoid, but with careful planning and preparation, you will do a great service for your loved ones. Every plan is different and deserves the undivided attention of a skilled attorney to maximize the benefits to your loved ones.

At Harbinson Parker, in Taylorsville, North Carolina, we have provided simple to complex estate planning services to our community for decades. From simple wills, powers of attorney, and health care powers of attorney to trusts, and more complex estate plans, we can meet your needs. We also guide people who are responsible for administering estates through probate and otherwise.

In any estate planning or administration endeavors, preparation is key, so please call an experienced attorney at Harbinson Parker, to discuss your situation, and get started creating a plan or settling an estate that will suit your needs.

Give Your Loved Ones The Peace Of Mind They Deserve

No one knows the needs of your loved ones better than you do. Estate planning is a tool to take control of your assets and make sure you cover the needs and best interests of those you care about. When you discuss your concerns at Harbinson Parker, you will realize you do not have to wait to draft your estate planning. You will give certainty and peace of mind to your loved ones in a future without you.

As we thoroughly review your needs, we will develop a strategy that meets your expectations and makes the process easier for your loved ones after you are gone. We can also include in your plan, instructions and guardians in case you become unable to make financial or health decisions on your own. We have assisted our clients for more than 60 years in their estate planning and administration needs in North Carolina. Learn what we can do to protect your assets and your loved ones.

Settle An Estate Or Administer A Trust In A Timely, Proper Manner

You may have been named in your loved one’s will as the executor or personal representative – or you may be a trustee. It is now your responsibility to administer an estate or trust accurately, in accordance with the decedent’s wishes. Or perhaps your friend or family member died intestate (without a will) and you want to advise the probate court of your availability and interest in settling the estate. Our attorneys are here to help you through the steps for settling an estate and/or administering a trust, such as:

  • Find respective testamentary documents (a will and/or trust[s])
  • Complete necessary legal actions with regard to courts and/or government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and county (or counties) or municipalities where the deceased person owned real estate
  • Inventory assets
  • Establish a record-keeping system
  • Notify creditors; pay debts and other claims
  • File final income tax return
  • Distribute assets according to a will or trust(s)

This simplified list is abbreviated and may not contain important steps you need to take. To protect yourself and honor the integrity of the estate and/or assets in a trust, get legal advice early in the estate administration process.

Take Control Of Your Future – Honor A Loved One’s Legacy

Make decisions now and plan to ensure your final wishes or your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled. Call 828-600-7462 to reach us in Taylorsville or call 704-707-3066 to reach us in Statesville. You can also share your contact information via our online intake form. We are ready to address your questions and work on options to meet your needs.