Easing the challenges of shared custody for your children

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Family Law

Splitting time between homes can take its toll on your children. Even though you had a legitimate reason for divorce, your children may not understand all of the details. This could result in confusion, angst and even withdrawal.

Easing the challenges of shared custody for your children may facilitate their adjustment and acceptance.

Create a cohesive team

Even though a shared custody arrangement primarily involves you, your former spouse and your children, other people will also participate in making it work. For example, you will need to notify your children’s schools about who will drop them off and pick them up, as well as who to contact for emergencies. Extended family members who might fill in if you or your ex cannot meet a logistical requirement should also have adequate information about your arrangement.

Anyone involved in caring for your children will participate to some degree. Forming a cohesive team of support will help your children adjust during a difficult time. When your children know who they can turn to for help and comfort, they may adapt faster and maintain more emotional stability. You might also consider involving a therapist to introduce your children to positive methods of coping with loss and sadness.

Prioritize stability and routine

Children thrive on a good routine. One of your children’s first concerns about your divorce might involve who will care for them. According to Today’s Parent, a parenting plan can help you establish and enforce a good routine. When transitioning between homes, you can help your children prepare. Show excitement for them and reiterate your love for them.

Despite the uncertainty of a changing family dynamic, a solid support system may improve your children’s response to your divorce.