Addressing custody violations in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Family Law

Whether you are working through a difficult divorce or you ended your marriage years ago, you could have various concerns related to child custody. As a parent, it is essential to safeguard your relationship with your child and his or her best interests. Unfortunately, some parents face hurdles because the other party refuses to cooperate, such as those who violate the terms of a custody order.

Sometimes, parents can resolve custody issues without heading to court. In other instances, taking a dispute to court is necessary. For example, some parents need to stand up for their custody rights when their child’s other parent violates a court order.

Filing a motion over custody violations

The North Carolina Judicial Branch reports that parents in the state who have experienced custody violations have the option to file a motion in court to hold the other party accountable. Sometimes, a judge decides that a parent is in contempt of court as a result of custody violations, which can result in harsh penalties.

If you decide to file a motion in court, make sure you gather as much evidence as possible and prepare thoroughly, especially since the outcome could have a significant impact on your ability to spend time with your child.

The penalties for custody violations

Parents who violate custody orders can face a number of penalties. Sometimes, the court verbally reprimands parents and requires them to pay a fine. In addition, some parents face contempt of court charges due to custody violations, which could result in time behind bars. Make sure you determine the best path forward and swiftly address custody violations.