What mistakes should you avoid after a DWI?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense

If you get arrested for drinking and driving, you could face serious consequences. For example, you may have to pay a significant fine, spend time in jail and go without your driving privileges for a certain period of time.

In North Carolina, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, you could face penalties for DWI if you drive with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08%. To prevent aggravating the charges against you and to protect your legal rights, avoid the following mistakes after a DWI arrest.

Driving without a license

After you get arrested for DWI, you may get your license suspended. Do not try and drive without a license after the DWI arrest. Doing so could only result in additional penalties on top of the ones you face for the initial drinking and driving infraction.

Failing to show up for court

When you get arrested for DWI, you must show up in court several days after the arrest to start the legal process. Make sure you mark this date down in your calendar. If, for some reason, you cannot attend this court date, let the proper authority know as soon as possible.

Not taking the arrest seriously

A DWI conviction can affect your reputation, employment and finances. Although you may want to move on from this legal situation quickly, take your DWI and its consequences seriously.

After getting arrested for drinking and driving, you may have concerns about what is to come. Take action as soon as possible to mitigate the charges you face and to protect your legal interests in the days to come.