How long could it take until I begin receiving SSDI benefits?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration reviews applications and medical records before approving or denying claims. After applying to the Social Security Disability Insurance program, you may wait between three and five months before receiving a decision, as noted on

In its decision letter, the SSA confirms your claim’s approval or notifies you of a denial. With an approval, you may receive an award letter stating the amount of your monthly benefits. You could receive the first payment six months after the start date of your disability.

When does a disability start and how may it affect payments?

The AARP notes that the SSA establishes the onset date of your disability. This is generally the date the SSA determines you lost the ability to work. In some cases, it could take months before the symptoms of a medical condition become severe enough to prevent you from performing your job tasks.

The day that a condition becomes a disability is when the SSA considers your eligibility to have started. The SSDI program, however, has a five-month waiting period. Because the SSA pays benefits after a month has ended, your first payment may arrive six months after your disability’s start date. If, however, you waited five months after your disability’s onset to apply for benefits, you may receive your first payment one month after an approval.

Which medical conditions may qualify for fast approval?

The SSA’s Compassionate Allowances Program offers expedited processing. Conditions that may qualify for a fast-track decision include terminal illnesses and serious neurological disorders. As noted by the AARP, AIDS, cancer and Lewy body dementia are a few of the more than 250 qualifying impairments.

Although SSDI payments generally begin six months after a disability’s onset, a serious condition could allow for a fast-track decision. The Compassionate Allowances Program may qualify you to receive benefits as soon as possible.