How do you discuss your funeral plans with adult children?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Estate Planning

Rather than wait for the inevitable, you instead want to remain in control of your life and death. You planned your funeral so your adult children and loved ones do not have to, but maybe you struggle with sharing those plans.

Funeral Basics explains tips for talking with children about preplanning your funeral. Learn how to navigate this tricky aspect of estate planning and have an essential conversation.

Let them know why

Your children may think it morbid to preplan your own funeral, so share why you made the decision. Common reasons include giving loved ones one less decision to make during a devastating loss, retaining a sense of control over one’s final disposition and saving money by paying for your funeral.

Discuss your health

Consider starting the conversation by discussing your health, letting your children know if you have a fatal illness or whether they have nothing to worry about. No matter your diagnosis, make it clear to your children that you care about them and want to plan your funeral because you love them.

Break down your plan

Before presenting your funeral arrangements, write them thoroughly. That way, it becomes less likely that you forget vital details. If your children do not agree with or understand some of your choices, give them the chance to ask questions. Stand your ground on non-negotiable terms, no matter how much your children may disagree or want you to change your mind.

Funeral planning goes hand-in-hand with estate planning. With all your bases covered, you and your adult children may better enjoy your time together.